Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trivia Tuesdays Volume 21...

Who was the first overall draft pick at the only entry draft held at the Joe?

(It's a tad late, but you get the idea.)

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  1. 1987: Pierre Turgeon, to the Buffalo Sabres.

    Other notable picks include: Brendan Shanahan (#2, NJD), Joe Sakic (#15, Quebec Nordiques), John LeClair, Eric Desjardins, and Mathieu Schneider (#33, 38, 44 respectively, Montreal Canadiens). Theo Fleury went #166, seven picks after Guy Hebert.

    The Wings, by the way, picked Yves Racine at #11; Racine played four seasons with the Wings and notched 508 games in the NHL.

    Also, all players picked in the first round were from Canada.