Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hossa to Stay?...

This isn't something I would normally post on a game day during the Stanley Cup Finals, but it brought a smile to my face. From Si.com via 97.1 The Ticket:
"While nothing will be announced during the Stanley Cup final, unrestricted free agent Marian Hossa likely will be signing a long-term deal, believed to be seven years, to stay with the Red Wings . . ."
Obviously we won't hear anything official for a while, and I haven't seen this posted anywhere else, but it could be a beautiful thing. Or go spectacularly wrong if it costs the Wings all of their vaunted depth. One thing I know for sure, though, is that I trust Kenny Holland. If he thinks it's a good idea, I'll get behind it and make posters.

In actual playoff related news, it sounds like Mikael Samuelsson might miss tonight's game. Swapping him for Draper wouldn't be the worst thing just for faceoffs, but Sammy's got a little bit more of a scoring touch. We'll see what happens. I'm a little ambivalent at this point, but mostly I'm just upset about having to miss the last half of the game to play softball with a team that I never wanted to join in the first place. I don't know who these people think they are scheduling softball games during the Stanley Cup Finals, but I'm of the opinion that the entire region should be shut down during Wings playoff games. I've never missed so much as a second of Finals action in my life up until this point, and I've already missed more of the playoffs this year than ever before due mostly to softball. Not even last year when we didn't have cable. You would've thought I was an alcoholic if you looked at my credit card receipts from all of the hours I spent at bars watching hockey games.

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