Thursday, July 1, 2010

Social Media Day in Detroit...

I just got home from the Social Media Day party hosted by the Wings. It was an interesting evening. Our group had a great time and you really can’t go wrong hanging out with the Commune. I got to spend time with Liz, Sara, Sara, Sarah, Drew, Norm, Matt, Topher, Greta, Jim, and Jamie. I’m sure I’m missing someone else, too.

Most of the videos played at the arena this season (including the regular season intro and the playoff pre-show) were playing on a loop on all of the TVs in the club. There were also giant cutouts of Franzen and Ozzie that you could pose for pictures with. The Wings had a table set up with all kinds of free stuff, and I added some posters and mouse pads to my growing collection of junk. There were Wings and Tigers giveaways throughout the night, and the Commune took home a couple of Tigers hats if I’m not mistaken. They also had a net with some goalie equipment and jerseys that you could dress up in. I thought it would be funny to pose with the equipment while wearing my nice dress. I’m a lot of fun. (Thanks to Sara for the picture.)

The club was very nice, and we enjoyed taking pictures of the TV mirrors in the bathroom (The Commune was a little out of its element. This isn’t really our scene.) and marveling at the chrome toilets. We had a spectacular view of the skyline, river, and bridge and could see where Tiger Stadium used to be. Motor City was the only casino I’d never been in (and I’ve still never been on the floor), and it was very nice. We had free pizza from Little Caesar’s to snack on, although it wasn’t particularly good. There was also a guy in a Little Caesar costume walking around awkwardly.

All in all, the whole thing was a little strange. We decided that it was like a nerd prom. Or a bad wedding reception. Or an awkward work conference party. The dance floor maxed out with about six people dancing the Cupid Shuffle. There wasn’t a whole lot of mingling going on. I’d do it again next year, but only if it was sponsored by the Wings again. I had a lot of fun thanks to the good company. Commune events are always boatloads of fun. As always, my pictures are up on Photobucket. There aren't many because my camera battery died, but I added some that were twittered by other folks.

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