Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SSDD's Adventures Through History Contest...

One night, whilst the Commune was sitting around a bonfire, we began joking about the possibility of photoshops of Brett Lebda through the ages. Hilarity ensued, and the second ever SSDD contest was set in motion. In light of the Lebster’s departure for Toronto (an event which I am incredibly disappointed that I missed while on vacation), I decided to open it up to include all current and former Red Wings.

The goal is to place said players in the most amusing historical situations you can think of. I made a couple for my own entertainment based on what we discussed around the campfire. The first photoshop shows Lebda parting the waters on his way to Toronto. Or somewhere. Who knows. Below, we have King Bertuzzi snacking on a juicy turkey leg.

The contest will be judged by my mom and dad. First and second place will each receive some Red Wings goodies obtained from this spring's viewing parties. First place will get a reusable grocery bag with a Budd Lynch bobblehead, car flag, and a Red Wings Christmas ornament (my favorite because it's high-quality and doesn't have logos on it). Second place gets a Wings water bottle and a playoff pom pom.

I’m kind of a history buff, so this should be lots of fun. I'll leave the contest open until midnight next Tuesday. With any luck, I'll even get around to judging the contest in a timely manner this time around.


  1. Is he saving the kitten for dessert?

  2. Haha, yeah. Maybe with a little glitter on the side. You know, for flavor.