Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Red Wings 4, Coyotes 2: Post Game Snipes...

  • Long story short: the Wings didn't play their greatest game, but they got lucky with some quick goals at the start of each period and that was enough.
  • I've never seen Nick Lidstrom get hit as hard as he did early in the game.
  • Game Four should be boatloads of fun. I'm sure the Coyotes won't be trying to injure anyone now that their backs are against the wall.
  • Lidstrom only had 18 minutes of ice time. In a playoff game. That's crazy.
  • Every game makes me like Phoenix less and less.
  • The Wings' penalty kill was a disaster tonight. On the other hand, Phoenix's looked much better than it did in the first two games.
  • I think Filppula took more shots in the first five minutes of the second period than he did for the entire regular season. I wish he'd do that more often.
  • How about that pass Rig made to set up Franzen's goal? Pretty good, eh?
  • This was an odd game. There were stretches where the Wings looked unstoppable, and the Coyotes didn't seem to have the slightest chance. Then, just as quickly, momentum would shift the other way and the tide would turn briefly.
  • This is not an acceptable way to treat Nick Lidstrom.
  • One more win to close out the series...skate to throat time, boys.

Hero: Jimmy Howard
He was on tonight. The Wings' defense hung him out to dry plenty of times, but he stood tall and kept them in the game.

Villain: Shane Doan
Yup, I still dislike him.

Final Thought:
The Wings are going to have to play better if they want to close out this series on Wednesday.

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