Friday, November 18, 2011

Red Wings 2, Sharks 5: Post Game Snipes...

  • Sure, most of the game looked like a trainwreck on skates, but, hey, the Wings scored TWO powerplay goals. I guess that's a good sign.
  • This one hurt because things looked so good for most of the first period. The Wings looked great until that shorthanded goal at the end.
  • After San Jose got on the board, the Wings pretty much completely shut down and went through the motions until the very end of the game.
  • Their too little, too late push toward the end was encouraging, but not nearly enough to overcome the hole they dug for themselves.
  • I miss the good old days when this blog's namesakes would do things like snipe and dangle. I want my Eurotwins magic back.
  • Why does Larry Murphy not have a reality show?
  • Brendan Smith looked pretty good in his NHL debut. He made some mistakes, but he didn't look horribly out of place. That's not too shabby for a rookie defenseman.

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