Monday, December 14, 2009

The Obstructed View...

Hey there, sunshines, your friendly neighborhood Red Wings bloggers have an early Christmas present for you. We're excited to announce that the first episode of The Obstructed View, our unofficial Wings podcast is now live and available for download. You can subscribe to it at iTunes, or download it from our website.

This week's episode features Chris Hollis from Motown Wings, Michael Petrella from The Production Line, Casey from Winging it in Motown, Brian Kiernicki, and yours truly. Come listen as we discuss the events of the past week, Petrella's new-found love for Todd Bertuzzi, who's hot, who's not, and what to look for over the course of the next few games. After listening to the podcast, you'll probably realize that I'm a lot more eloquent in writing than actual speech. Hopefully I'll be able to sort out my technological issues and I'll sound a little better the next time around.


  1. I sound like a robot. Thanks to my internet connection. Awesome first podcast though!

  2. At last, my ipod feels complete! :)

  3. great work! I loved it. And I think you did a good job. Actually all of you did. Very insightful and funny.

  4. This is a great site Kris, thanks for sending us the link at DRW - will you please send me the email of the web manager for it? I'd love to make sure we can get you guys in here at the Joe

    - Nicole (from TweetSuite09) with DRW