Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wings vs. Rangers GP...

Wings vs. Rangers @7 PM

1. There’s no word on the Wings’ starter as of now. Regardless of who is in net, will he be able to make enough saves for the Wings to win the game? That’s all we ask around these parts.
2. There’s also no word on Brian Rafalski and his old-man back. Kindl’s been filling in admirably, so will he be able to keep it up if he’s called on again tonight? As I said in yesterday’s GP, I’m not entirely opposed to resting Rafalski as long a Kindl’s keeping things together.
3. Will Datsyuk and Lidstrom decide to wake up and join the scoresheet today? Please.
4. How many saves will Brad Stuart make today? I kid, I kid…
5. Will the Wings actually show up to play for a change? This is a really depressing question to have to keep asking.

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