Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wings vs. Oilers GP...

Wings vs. Oilers @7 PM

1. I’ll start with the obvious: Just how nauseous will the defense make us tonight? Rafalski’s going to be sitting out in all likelihood, and I’ve been having nightmares since I heard he left practice. I kind of have a feeling that Lidstrom is going to step up big time tonight, though.
2. How will Kindl perform in his first NHL experience? I’m operating on the assumption that we’ll be seeing him and I’m not sure if I should be excited to see his debut or crying under my bed.
3. Can Todd Bertuzzi keep up the nice little roll on which he ended November? Now would really be a good time for him to get things together.
4. How will the new forward lines look out there? We saw a bit of shuffling during the Dallas game on Monday, but for now Leino’s slated to be bumped up to the top line to hopefully feed off of Datsyuk while Bertuzzi will be playing on Zetterberg’s wing. We’ll see what kind of chemistry the little shakeup leads to.
5. Edmonton’s in the basement of the Western Conference and they have a terrible road record this season. On top of that, they just lost their leading scorer to a long-term injury (Hi, welcome to our world.). Will the Wings take advantage of that and continue the strong play that we witnessed on Monday? Or will they make me look foolish for writing my previous post?

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  1. Terrible road record? Lowest in the Conference?

    This sounds like the type of game the Wing like to blow. I am SO HOPING that is not the case.