Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pre-Training Camp Notes...

I'm heading up to training camp with the Commune tomorrow for five days of non-stop Shanahanigans. We'll be attending all of the ticketed events, and have some other activities planned, as well (ceremonial burning of the Crosby shirt, anyone?). I'm not sure how much blogging I'll be doing up there, but I've scheduled the player profiles to continue posting almost every morning. I'm taking my laptop up there, but I have a feeling there won't be much getting posted. I can, however, promise that there will be excessive amounts of tweeting going on during the festivities. If you're not interested in training camp and random Commune updates, now would be a good time to unfollow.

Here's a list of the Commune attendees who are staying together:

Me: @SnipeDangle
Liz: @lizzlefoshizzle and @CWGAP_Liz
Sara: @saraneuie
Sara: @thetinnishflash
Amanda: @nursenitz
Dena: @Wings3_26_97
Sarah: @SPintheD
Lauren: @Lolabythebay
Leslie: @mauvaisgardien
Andrea: @silvrbuttrfly
Jenn: @JennHo

And some other tweeters who I know will be up there (Let me know if I missed you and I'll add you to the list.):

George: @georgemalik
Matt: @onthewings
Megan: @MrsOTW
Kat: @Just_Kat1 and @CSI_Kat
Tyler: @TheTripleDeke

I also added everyone you see here to a list on Twitter.  I'm pretty sure the hashtag #RWTCTC has been set as the standard, at least for Commune coverage. I'd also keep a lookout for #shanahanigans and #redwingscommune tags if you really want to follow along. I've never been to Training Camp before, so I don't really know what to expect. We've been looking forward to this for a long time, though, and I can promise that we're going to have a blast. I'm looking at it as a kind of a warm-up for H2H2 which is apparently going to be a month-long extravaganza.

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  1. I predict amounts of RAAAAAGH bordering on excessive.