Monday, September 27, 2010

Red Wings Training Camp Pictures...

It took almost an entire day of uploading, but I've finally gotten my pictures from training camp uploaded on Photobucket.  I left out the ones of the Commune so that it's strictly hockey.  There are 1,065 images of varying quality to sift through at your leisure.  If you look through them, I'm sure it won't be hard to figure out who my favorite players are, haha.

One of the things I wanted to note about camp that I forgot to put in my post from a few days ago:  One of the coolest things about training camp was getting to see just how much fun the players were having out there.  It seemed like most of them were sporting huge grins all week long.  I don't think Pavel Datsyuk ever stopped smiling.  During one of the scrimmages, Nick Lidstrom was checking Franzen and pushing him toward the boards right where we were standing.  They both had huge goofy smiles on their faces and Lidstrom gave Mule a playful crosscheck.  You could see that they were laughing and having a blast out there.  It was adorable and kind of a fun change from the serious game faces we usually see on the ice.  These guys love what they're doing.  And really, who could blame them?

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