Monday, February 21, 2011

Caption Mondays Volume 17...

What's going on here?


  1. Guy #1: Man, they were right, Hank does have a nice ass.

    Guy #2: Pff, ain't got nothing on me. I could get a Swedish model too.

  2. Linesman: "Hey 40, those guys behind the glass-are they checking you out too, or just me?"
    Zetterberg: (silence)

  3. Zebra: I just don't get it man... I'm not a bad-looking fella, I'm tall, I've got a job with authority, why can't I get a girl?

    Hank (gnaws on mouthguard): I'm telling you, chicks dig beards. Especially Swedish chicks.

    Zebra: Really? You think that'd work?

    Hank: Well, whatever you do, don't go around making faces like the guys behind us...