Monday, February 28, 2011

Caption Mondays Volume 18...

Here's one I took during warm-ups before the game at Tampa Bay.  I was really excited to see Stuart making his return.


  1. Johnny Ericsson... You're doing it wrong.

  2. Why does every single one of your pictures warrant a #thatswhatshesaid hashtag after it? "Who are who are who are we? We are we are TC! WOOOOOOOO"

  3. Hank: ...and then Millsie totally Eavesed in front of everyone!
    Stuart: Ha! I can't believed I missed that! Anything else happen while I was gone?
    Hank: Well, there was this time Millsie...
    *interrupting and nodding toward Drew* Rig: Uh, Hank...
    Millsie: Not this story again...