Thursday, August 6, 2009

As Boredom Creeps In...

I don’t normally like to do video-heavy posts, but I’m finally done with classes for the summer and I’m just happy to be able to catch up on all of the random hockey links I’ve been bookmarking for the last few weeks. And since there isn’t a whole lot else going on during these oh-so-boring summer days, this is all I have to go with. If I get any more bored, I’m liable to start making Top Ten lists, and nothing good can come of that.

First I’ll start off with the Wings playoff intro from this past season. Most of you have probably seen it by now, but it’s definitely worthy of repeated viewing. I missed most of it before the game I went to because I was too busy bawling due to finally making it to my first playoff game. I’m kidding. I wasn’t bawling. I actually was trying to take pictures of the pre-game show while climbing the upper bowl stairs backwards. The beginning of the video gave me chills though. Actually, it still does. Also, I’m kind of in love with that guy’s voice.

On a related note, I also love videos like this one with game clips in front of a voiceover quote from X-Men 3. Seriously, it’s perfect. When I saw it up on the big screen at the Joe, it blew my mind. Some may say that I’m easily impressed, but I have a thing for movie/TV quotes. I have no idea why.

And last but not least, here’s a link to the NHL’s top ten saves of the year. Number ten features our very own Chris Osgood. Make sure you watch all of the replays of the save so you can catch the Versus announcer dropping the word “fabulosity” at around the 40 second mark. (The other nine saves are nice too, but they really lost me at “fabulosity.”) While it’s not the Pavel Datsyuk call that originally introduced me to my new favorite word, it’ll have to do. Seriously, fabulosity is kind of my own version of truculence, except that it’s not a real word.

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