Friday, May 28, 2010

New Stomping Grounds...

This past week, I was invited to join the team behind the blog Chicks Who Give A Puck. I’ll be giving my Red Wings-biased opinion about, well, whatever I feel like. I got to know Courtney when she visited last weekend. My first write-up was about Steve Yzerman’s departure for Tampa Bay. I already wrote a piece about it here, but I tried to explain what he means to fans of this team for “outsiders” who don’t get it. It’s a little dramatic and apparently made my mom cry, but you can find it here. I’m going to keep posting stuff at SSDD regularly, so I’m not going anywhere. The Chicks blog can be found here, and this is the blog’s Twitter account. I’m pretty excited about this opportunity. I’ve turned down a couple of offers in the past to join other blog staffs, but I think this is a good fit. Besides, someone has to represent the best organization in hockey over there.

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