Sunday, May 9, 2010

Red Wings 1, Sharks 2 (1-4): Post Game Snipes...

  • There’s not a lot to say about this one. I had a blast with the Commune. We even recruited my dad to join the festivities. Knowing that the Commune won’t be in session again until the fall is probably the worst part of this loss.
  • I didn’t want to post it then, but I told Sara that the series was over at the end of Game Two. I pretty much knew then. I think most of us did.
  • A second round exit isn’t bad for a team that was hovering in 10th place for a large part of the season.
  • This series was a lot closer than a 4-1 outcome would have you believe.
  • That penalty shot was a joke. I’m so, so, so glad the Wings’ season didn’t end on that call.
  • I hate thinking about all of the “what ifs.” Right now, it’s the head shot on Franzen. Tomorrow, it’ll be some other little missed opportunity or turnover. It’s a long offseason.
  • We got the plush zambonis that we’ve been coveting all year. This was the first time I’ve seen them at a viewing party. I also won a sweet t-shirt that looks all vintage-y and stuff.
  • Can it please be October yet?
GP Review:
11. Game Four was about pride. Game Five is about whether or not the Wings want to make this a series.
It was nice while it lasted. :)

10. Special teams again: make or break.
The Wings needed to capitalize on their powerplay chances when they had them. I can’t really complain about anything else.

9. Shoot on Nabokov early and often. He can’t be feeling good after Game Four, and if the Wings can rattle him from the start, they might be able to get in his head.
I don’t think he even broke a sweat.

8. Once again: STAY OUT OF THE BOX!
Much better tonight.

7. Is Stuart going to be able to go today? What about Eaves?
Eaves was a no go. Stuart apparently played through a sprained knee.

6. Sixty minute effort—win or lose tonight, Wings fans can’t ask for anything more.
The guys just didn’t bring it tonight. San Jose was better for the majority of the game.

5. This is the equivalent of a Game Seven. Start strong. Finish strong. (And, you know, don’t forget about the middle of the game either.)
The middle was the only part that felt good.

4. Johan Franzen needs to take all of that recently-reacquired confidence and channel it into tonight’s game. I don’t necessarily expect another four-goal outburst, but if he’s going to give the Sharks fits if he’s firing on all cylinders.
He did pick up an assist on the Wings’ only goal, but he wasn’t particularly noticeable.

3. Zetterberg seems to have finally reached full playoff mode. He needs to keep shutting down opposing forwards and driving them crazy.
I can’t complain about Z. Ever, really.

2. Jimmy needs to keep doing his thing. He wasn’t tested a whole lot on Thursday, but he should be feeling good about only letting the one goal in.
I hope Jimmy learned some lessons during these playoffs. They’ll help him in the long run.

1. Will the physical play and cheap shenanigans from the end of Game Four carry over tonight?
Not especially, even though I’m still bitter about the head shot on Franzen.

Hero: Pavel Datsyuk
He didn’t score, but he was doing crazy things with the puck at both ends of the ice.

Villain: Douglas Murray
Cheap shot. I hope he gets suspended.

Final Thought:
Despite all of the stress and misery, I truly enjoyed watching this season and getting to know everyone online and in real life. It was worth every gut-wrenching second.

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  1. thanks for the great info and insights throughout the season and playoffs!

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