Sunday, May 2, 2010

Red Wings vs. Sharks Game Two GP...

12. Keep testing Nabokov. He looked very beatable on Thursday.
11. For the love of god, cover Joe Pavelski. Please.
10. Can the Wings’ special teams beat San Jose’s? This has been a huge factor so far.
9. Franzen finally broke through with a goal in Game One. Here’s hoping that gets him on a roll.
8. The Wings need to come out strongly in the first few minutes of the game. They’ve got a chance to catch the Sharks off guard after an extra day of rest at home. This is also contingent on the hope that the Wings aren’t the ones sleep-walking through the opening of the game.
7. This probably goes without saying, but 90-second mental lapses like the one we saw in the first period Thursday can be killer. Avoiding incidents like that one will go a long way toward assuring that the Wings win the game.
6. A win tonight negates San Jose’s home ice advantage. Make it happen, please.
5. Don’t forget your tin foil hats.
4. Jimmy probably wants a couple of those goals back from Thursday, even though I really can’t fault him for much. Hopefully he’ll come out with a point to prove.
3. The Wings need to find a way to get traffic through the center of the ice when in the attacking zone. The Sharks were way too good at keeping them to the perimeter in Game One.
2. The fourth line looked great on Thursday. Can they keep it up?
1. Patrick Eaves is day-to-day with an arm injury. How effective is he going to be if he’s in the lineup?

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