Saturday, May 8, 2010

Red Wings vs. Sharks Game Five GP...

11. Game Four was about pride. Game Five is about whether or not the Wings want to make this a series.
10. Special teams again: make or break.
9. Shoot on Nabokov early and often. He can’t be feeling good after Game Four, and if the Wings can rattle him from the start, they might be able to get in his head.
8. Once again: STAY OUT OF THE BOX!
7. Is Stuart going to be able to go today? What about Eaves?
6. Sixty minute effort—win or lose tonight, Wings fans can’t ask for anything more.
5. This is the equivalent of a Game Seven. Start strong. Finish strong. (And, you know, don’t forget about the middle of the game either.)
4. Johan Franzen needs to take all of that recently-reacquired confidence and channel it into tonight’s game. I don’t necessarily expect another four-goal outburst, but if he’s going to give the Sharks fits if he’s firing on all cylinders.
3. Zetterberg seems to have finally reached full playoff mode. He needs to keep shutting down opposing forwards and driving them crazy.
2. Jimmy needs to keep doing his thing. He wasn’t tested a whole lot on Thursday, but he should be feeling good about only letting the one goal in.
1. Will the physical play and cheap shenanigans from the end of Game Four carry over tonight?

The #redwingscommune is convening at the Post Bar in Ferndale for what could be the last official viewing party of the season. Feel free to join us. The more the merrier. I promise you’ll be able to pick us out of the crowd.

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