Monday, November 2, 2009

Reason #10,839,426 Why I Love Dangle Dangle...

I decided to check Google Reader one last time before I go to bed tonight, and I came across this Detroit News article in which he delivers the following quote:
"I skate awesome," he said after he helped the Red Wings beat the Calgary Flames, 3-1, on Saturday. "I am like, woosh, but I am still not fast. Everybody skate better than me. I feel like I am flying, but it still looks the same."
I've pretty much been giggling the whole time I've been typing this post (or maybe that's the 12 hours I've put in doing homework today making me slap-happy). It's even more amusing to me because that's exactly how I felt when I went to the free skate at Yost today. I was a little rusty at first (and I discovered about 3 strides in that my skates were in desperate need of sharpening), but no matter how much I felt like I was getting back in the swing of things, there were still 5-year-old girls doing figure skating jumps and fancy spins and 8-year-old boys whizzing by seemingly competing to see who could knock the most adults over (Nice try, sunshines, but you never quite managed to get me. It turns out that I can be surprisingly agile when I need to jump out of the way of falling children.), so I still felt like I was lumbering around in slow motion.

Anyway, Pav never ceases to amuse me, whether it's on the ice or off. This was definitely his best quip in a while, and that move he pulled before setting up Homer's goal last night was pretty slick. I've said it before, and I plan on saying it many times again in the future: I wouldn't want to end up in a dark alley with him. He'd end up with my phone, my keys, my chapstick, and even my pocket lint and I'd never even have a clue. We should all be glad he didn't choose to devote himself to a life of crime. (Except for, of course, being criminally good at being a Red Wing.)

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