Monday, November 23, 2009

Wings 1, Predators 3: Post Game Snipes...

  • The Wings were lucky to survive the first period only down by one. Their effort was sad.
  • Drew Miller had his best game in a Wings uniform tonight. He was rewarded with his first Wings goal. It came off of a great individual effort.
  • I really strongly dislike Todd Bertuzzi. More and more each game.
  • Pavel Datsyuk had a beautiful check at one point during the second period. That’s an aspect of his game that continues to be underrated.
  • Every time a goalie made a save, the Versus announcer would say, “____ says no.” Every time. I swear.
  • The Wings really turned things on during the third period. It looked like one of their patented late-game awakenings. Unfortunately Pekka Rinne stood his ground and nothing came of it.
  • Train whistles should be permanently and unconditionally banned from every live sporting event ever. Really, unless you are a train, there is no need for you to have one of those.
  • A Predators fan decided that it would be a good idea to throw a hat on the ice after Erat’s second goal. Lame. Very lame.
  • Darren McCarty did a decent job in his Versus debut. He looked nervous and I didn’t quite follow what he said during the first intermission, but he looked much more comfortable during the second one and in the post game.
  • There is a very real problem with the powerplay in that if the Circus line fails to score…the team is left with a line of Cleary, Leino, and Bertuzzi.
GP Answers:
1. Well, the defense didn’t look spectacular for most of the game tonight, but neither did the rest of the team.
2. Well, Big Rig didn’t see any powerplay time but led all Wings skaters in time on the PK. This picture tells the story of the Preds’ first goal.
3. I didn’t notice Ericsson often, which is a good thing for a rookie defensemen. There’s no doubt that having a better defensive partner will improve his game. Just how much remains to be seen.
4. No answer for the lack of offense. Another game with only one goal scored. That’s not going to cut it.

Cookies and Cupcakes for Chris Osgood
There’s no doubt that he kept the Wings in it when they were busy sleepwalking through the first half of the game. He made some huge, huge saves.

Todd Bertuzzi gets the Golden Facepalm
This really could’ve gone to Tomas Holmstrom too, but Homer has actually made a contribution to the team so far this season, so he gets a reprieve. Bert took two stupid penalties, one of which led to the Preds’ first goal. The Versus announcer, in what may have been the first display of intelligent thought by one of their guys, said that he just didn’t think that Bertuzzi had the speed to play the Wings’ style of hockey.

What I learned:
This really is going to be a long season.


  1. ok, it kills me to type this out, seriously... but remember how bad the Pens sucked for the first half of last year? There's still light at the end of the tunnel for these Wings. It's just gonna be uglier than we've seen in... I don't know, forever.

  2. I gotta say that the only thing that made this game worth watching on VS was the fact that I knew D-Mac was going to be on during the intermissions. It was nice to see him cleaned up & I really enjoyed Drapes poking fun at his suit. Maybe it's my bias towards listening to Mickey & The Murph, but I was about ready to start a drinking game for everytime they said a goalie "says no..." Enjoyed the highlight of Datsyuk's check & agree with you completely on Bertuzzi. Why they continue to think that he can take on the role that Franzen plays baffles me. The guy can't hit the side of a barn, if he could even get a shot off every once in a while. Bert & Homer are too slow for Datsyuk to make any kind of plays. Was glad to see Miller have a good game & thought Babs made a good decision in putting him up on Z's line and putting a continually under-performing Leino down on the 4th line. The absence of forecheck, men positioned in the slot for rebounds, and our uncharacteristic difficulty with puck posession are making it difficult to score. I thought Ericsson played marginally better, but I will be pulling my hair out of my head for the next couple months until Kronwall returns. I can only hope that playing with Lidstrom will rub off on him? I think we will be a lot better once we gain our injured players back...but the question is (and I am unfortunately by nature, pessimistic), by then, will it be too late??