Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wings vs. Sharks GP...

Wings vs. Sharks @7:30 PM

1. San Jose is playing the second game of a back-to-back tonight. Will the Wings seize the opportunity to have a strong start for a change? (And by strong start, I mean not allowing a goal/fantastic scoring chance on the first shift. I’m willing to settle for baby steps.)
2. So, they’ve won two games in a row. Now what? Will they be able to build off of that and start climbing up the standings? The Sharks are well on their way to securing a high playoff seed only to collapse in the post-season, so this will be a good time for the Wings to measure themselves against a team that’s off to a fairly hot start.
3. Ville Leino didn’t do a whole lot last game. I was hoping that he would respond better to Babcock’s message. Aside from his good start in the first couple of games, he’s been fairly forgettable. What is it going to take to get him going?
4. Will Ozzie build on his strong game and start to ease our minds? When he’s on his game, it has a steadying effect on the entire team (not to mention my own nerves) and that’s the kind of presence we all need in net.
5. Khan’s article on Dan Cleary got me thinking about his in ability to hit triple digits in the goals department. Will tonight be the night he finally gets to the milestone?

We’re all feeling pretty happy right about now, so it makes me wonder: what kind of disaster will strike tonight and send us all into the depths of collective panic again? (Yeah, I’m eternally pessimistic. Sorry, it comes with the territory of being a life-long Wings fan.) I’m also going to note that my recap’s Cookies and Cupcakes will most likely go to whichever Wing lays out Dany Heatley. I’m really not a fan of his (except for when he gets points for my one fantasy team…) and I would make no attempt to hide my glee if he were to find himself on the receiving end of a highlight reel check.


  1. I hope Heatley gets Kronwalled tonight, even if Kronner leaves his feet and takes a penalty for it. But Heatley is going to score 70 goals this year, so we know it can't happen.

  2. Have the commish dial up the "Kron Phone"