Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Proud Podcasting and Pointless Puling...

(Look it up ^. It's a word. You can thank Thesaurus.com for that little beauty.)

The new episode of The Obstructed View came out today. I joined Jess from Bingo Bango and Rob Discher from The Production Line, as well as, of course, Chris and Brian. We talked about fun things like curling and sniper fire. It’s also possible that hockey came up at one point. Anyway, you can download it at all the usual places. Enjoy.

A quick update on where the Wings stand now:
Dallas and Anaheim are tied one point behind the Wings, and Minnesota is only two points back. The Wings, at best, can tie Nashville for 8th place with a win tonight, but would still sit in 9th because of the tiebreaker. On top of that, we’re going to be rooting for Chicago tonight because we need them to beat Dallas. Of course, the way things have been going, the Stars will probably blow them out.

The point is, there’s no help coming from the outside. The Wings can’t keep sitting around and waiting for other teams to do their dirty work for them. Everyone’s been saying that when Franzen is back, they’ll be a different team. Well, he’s back now. Let’s get going.

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