Saturday, February 13, 2010

Red Wings vs. Senators GP...

1. This is the last game before the Olympic break, and losing it really isn’t an option. Can the Wings pull off a win so we can have slightly less stress over the next two weeks?
2. If Maltby decides to have his shoulder operated on, there’s a very real possibility that tonight could be his last game in a Wings uniform. It would put him out of the lineup until the end of the regular season, and at this point, there’s no guarantee that there will be more games beyond that. Can he make this game memorable?
3. Meech as a forward? How’s that going to work out for the Wings?
4. What percentage of this game are the Wings going to show up to play? It’s anybody’s guess. Ottawa's been hot lately, so maybe the Wings will actually look alive.

I have no idea what I’m going to be doing here during the Olympics. I haven’t had time to think that far ahead. Of course, I’d be in a lot better mood if we had some Olympic coverage on American TV currently. I wish the games were still on CBC. That was one of the biggest perks of being a Metro-Detroiter. I’ve officially decided that NBC’s only redeeming quality is The Office.


  1. And Community. That show is hilarious.

  2. CBC isn't broadcasting the games anymore? That's sad. I think the entire coverage of Torino that I watched came from CBC. I mean CBC is the eponymous Canadian channel so I'm rather surprised they aren't broadcasting the games.

    And on a Wings related note I heard they put Brad May on waivers. All I can say is about time.

  3. @Ryan
    Yeah, the games are only on cable in Canada this time around. It's pretty disappointing.