Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Red Wings vs. Ducks GP...

1. I have to ask this every time the Wings play the Ducks: What are they going to do tonight to make me hate them even more? They always manage to come up with something obnoxious.
2. How is Jonathan Ericsson going to respond to his benching? Did he get the message?
3. Can we pretty please keep the powerplay going? It was key to the Wings’ success last night, and they need to make that a trend instead of an exciting exception.
4. Can the Wings get off to a good start playing the second night of a back-to-back? They need these two points tonight, and coming out slow yet again isn’t really an option anymore. The Ducks are coming up quickly behind the Wings in the standings, and they need to get this one done in regulation. I don't want to see Anaheim get any closer.
5. The Eurotwins have had trouble with consistency all season. They've been looking good lately, but I keep waiting for one or both of them to have another invisible game. Can they keep looking like the stars that we know they are?

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  1. What concerns me about Ericsson tonight is that one game probably isn't the "benching" they had in mind, ya know? I bet they had hoped to send the message, a la Ville Leino, during a stretch in the box.

    HOPEFULLY he got the message quickly, but having 24 hours off isn't exactly an Osgood/Leino type of punishment. HA!