Thursday, February 11, 2010

Red Wings vs. Sharks GP...

1. Franzen looked good on Tuesday night. Can he keep that up in his second game back, or it his conditioning going to be a problem after all of the time that he missed?
2. What percentage of the game will the Wings decide to play tonight? The fact that this needs to be asked on a regular basis is disgusting.
3. If the Wings win, they’ll move two points ahead of Anaheim and could potentially tie Calgary. If they lose, they’ll slip down to 10th place. Double digits is not a place you want to be this time of the year. Can they pull off a big win?
4. Homer’s been announced as a game-time decision. It sounds like he’s only going to be playing as a test for the Olympics. I’m not sure I like that, even though I’d be glad to have him back in the lineup. Will he go tonight? Will he be able to do anything worthwile?
5. Are they walking Kronwall’s new knee brace to Detroit? I would’ve volunteered to go pick it up and deliver it myself if I knew it would take this long. It leads me to believe that it’s more than just a case of wanting a new brace. Still though, that man needs to be wrapped in bubble wrap at all times.

Side notes:
What do you guys think of the GPs? They’re getting pretty tedious to write, but I’m not sure what I’d replace them with at this point. I’m thinking of eliminating the questions that usually end up being pointless and just putting some notes related to the game. Any suggestions?

I’m also going to be missing most of the game tonight. I have a dinner meeting that got rescheduled for tonight, and even though it’s at a place with TVs, I’m going to be doing most of the talking so slacking off isn’t an option. You can direct any complaints to Disney…even though it’s only tangentially their fault. Thank goodness for my DVR, which gets severely overworked on Thursday nights.


  1. I really enjoy the GPs, they always involve something that I hadn't previously thought of. They add some extra insight to the games and aren't too long or crazy.
    Perhaps you could just get someone else to contribute so you don't have to do all of the GPs yourself. That might help.

  2. The GPs are amazing. That is one of the chief reasons I started visiting this site.