Monday, February 8, 2010

Red Wings vs. Blues GP...

1. Obviously, the big story is the long-anticipated return of Johan Franzen. How is he going to look shaking off all those months of rust?
2. Can the Wings, for once this season, play a full 60 minutes? No sleepy starts. No collapses. No heartbreaks. Just a full 60 minutes of Red Wing hockey.
3. How many players are going to go down with injuries? I really wish this one was a joke.
4. I’ve seen a lot of potential line combinations tossed around, but nobody really knows what we’re going to see. There’s a pretty good possibility that Mike Babcock doesn’t even know since so many guys are day-to-day. How is the lineup going to shake out?

It’s been a couple of days since the loss in LA, and I have to say that it still hurts. There’ve been a lot of candidates for worst loss of the season so far, but I really think that one takes the cake. I didn’t want to say that in my recap because it felt like the same dramatic overreaction that I’ve had numerous times this season, but after stewing about it for 48 hours, I’m willing to let that label stick. Let’s just please move on and look forward to something for once.

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  1. I agree, it was maybe the worst loss of the season. I wanted to cry... I'll have it as a tie with the Phoenix loss and the opener in Stockholm (since I was there).

    Also glad to see that someone are still with me on the whole 60 minutes thing