Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Red Wings 1, Predators 3: Post Game Snipes...

  • Hey, it didn't end with a 3-2 final score.  I feel like there are some people out there who would be happy about that.  If nothing else, it means that we can stop talking about how the first three games all ended with the same score, right?
  • The pregame show was absolutely amazing.  It really was incredible.  It gave me chills.
  • I'm not sure I've ever heard the Joe as loud as it was between the pregame show and the National Anthem.  The place was absolutely rocking.
  • I don't even know what to say about this game.  So many things went right, but then there were little momentary lapses and it seemed like every single one of them led to a Nashville goal.  This one was a heart-breaker.
  • The Wings looked like the Big Red Machine for most of the game.   Nashville barely touched the puck.  It was loads of fun to watch.  Except for the part where there was nothing to celebrate.
  • You know what happened on the one Wings goal that did go in?  They got traffic in front of the net.  There were way too many easy shots from the wing.  You really aren't going to beat Pekka Rinne with those.
  • Rinne was the number one reason that I dreaded the Wings facing Nashville.  He's lived up to all of my nightmares so far this series, and he outplayed Jimmy by a mile tonight.
  • One depressing thought hung over me all day:  What if this is the last time I get to see Lidstrom and Homer play live at the Joe?  Please, Hockey Gods, don't let it be so.
  • Nobody really said at the Joe, but that Nashville no-goal that got waved off was because of Intent to Blow, right?  That was my take on the play.  I never expected to be quite so happy about that rule as I was just then.
  • Of course, Nashville came right back and scored a real goal anyway, so it didn't matter all that much in the end.
  • That no-goal and the Preds' third goal went in pretty much the exact same way, at least from my vantage point in the upper bowl.  What was Jimmy doing tonight?  Seriously.
  • So much for Franzen going out and scoring a couple of goals.
  • Do the Wings lead the league in getting tossed out of the faceoff circle?
  • Between the revenge fight with Weber and the Ping Pong Incident that Wasn't Really, I think Wings fans' love for Todd Bertuzzi might be at an all-time high.
  • There was a man sitting behind me chewing tobacco, and my hair might've touched his spit cup.  He actually deserves congratulations for making me more upset than the Wings losing a playoff game.  That's really quite an accomplishment.  I'm off to go shave my head now.
  • To those fans who left early in a close playoff game that the Wings very easily could've tied up: shame on you.

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