Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Red Wings vs. Predators Game Four GP...

1 Red Wings vs. Predators 2

A scary-looking octopus:

What we learned from Game Three:
  • Only showing up to play the third period isn't going to cut it.  Oh, wait, what's that you say?  We already knew that?  Well, then.
  • If you don't suffer at least 77 heart attacks during your team's playoff game, you're doing something wrong.
  • Every fraction of a second counts.
Exciting things about Game Four:
  • It'll give us something other than ping pong tables to talk about.
  • The Wings had all of the momentum at the end of Game Three.
  • I'm going to be at the Joe!
Terrifying things about Game Four:
  • Going back to Nashville 2-2 is miles (or kilometers) different from heading back down 3-1.  The whole season kind of hangs in the balance tonight.
  • The prospect of another parade to the penalty box.
  • Johan Franzen.
Who will have a good game tonight:

I'm not even going to bother with this one.  I picked Mule last game.  If I weren't in charge around these parts, I'd have to fire myself.

Something to lighten the mood:

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