Friday, April 13, 2012

Red Wings vs. Predators Game Two GP...

0 Red Wings vs. Predators 1

A scary looking octopus:

What we learned from Game One:
  • EVERYTHING is a penalty.
  • Puck luck is key.
  • Jimmy Howard is back in top form.
Exciting things about Game Two:
  • Nyquist is making his playoff debut.
  • The Wings are angry about the cheap shot at the end of Game One.  They tend to play well when they're riled up about something.
  • After it's over, the series moves back to Hockeytown.
Terrifying things about Game Two:
  • If the Wings don't win, this series is all but over.
  • We have to wonder if the special teams can be as effective as they were in Game One.
  • Life without Helm.
  • Pekka Rinne.
Who will have a good game tonight:

Henrik Zetterberg.  I know...choosing him is kind of a cop out because, well, he's Henrik Zetterberg, but I think he's going to have a good night tonight.  I keep harping on it, but he tends to be at his most dominating when he's feeling feisty.  And he should be, after Weber's cheap shot that went unpunished for all intents and purposes ($2,500 from a multi-millionaire is like telling me that a speeding ticket is going to cost me $1.)

Something to lighten the mood:

Dance party!

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