Sunday, April 15, 2012

Red Wings vs. Predators Game Three GP...

1 Red Wings vs. Predators 1

A scary-looking octopus:

What we learned from Game Two:
  • Hey, look, rest of the world: the Wings actually can stand up for themselves.
  • That Pekka Rinne guy sometimes actually looks a little bit fallible.
  •  The Wings' rookies can be kind of fun.
Exciting things about Game Three:
  • Back in Hockeytown!  It'll be nice to see the Joe rocking for the playoffs...again.
  • Pavel. Datsyuk.  This is a given.  It's also how you can tell that I'm running out of things to write, so I'm resorting to stating the obvious.
  • You can watch it while eating brunch.  (Or breakfast if you live out west.)  I mean, who doesn't love a good brunch while watching a playoff game?  Oh, you too?  I thought it was just me.
Terrifying things about Game Three:
  • It's an early game on NBC.
  • I have a feeling that the ice quality is going to leave something to be desired.  That usually doesn't work out in the Wings' favor.
  • It's Game Three of a tied playoff series.  Let's face it: everything about it is terrifying.
Who will have a good game tonight:

I'm picking the Mule for this one.  He's clearly riled up about the last game, and it sure would be nice for him to enter his playoff beast mode sooner rather than later.

Something to lighten the mood:

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