Sunday, January 24, 2010

Red Wings 2, Kings 3: Post Game Snipes...

  • Another chance for the Wings to climb the standings, another lackluster effort from the boys. Yawn.
  • There was apparently a man up in the rafters at some point during the game, so they cleared an entire section of the lower bowl. I’m still confused about this. It was never mentioned on FSD’s broadcast, but I remember seeing a shot of the Wings’ bench during the second period when they were all staring at something up above. I assumed it was something on the big screen, but I guess they were looking at the guy.
  • Filppula’s goal was beautiful, but so was the hard work Dan Cleary put in beforehand.
  • Bertuzzi’s goal came on a fun deflection off of his knee. I was amused by it.
  • After the first period, things were looking good. The last minute of play was dominated by the Kings, but the Wings had a two goal lead and looked like they could stay in control.
  • The Wings actually scored on the powerplay. It was a 5-on-3, so there was no excuse not to. The second penalty that the Kings took was brutal.
  • And then the rest of the game happened. Just out of curiosity, when was the last time you saw this team play a full 60 minute game? It’s been a while.
  • One positive trend that I’m noticing is that the Wings’ defensemen are getting more shots through to the net from the blueline. Earlier in the season, they were passing more or getting them blocked. This will be even more important when Holmstrom returns.
  • Stuart made another awesome goal line save that seemed huge at the time. It went to review, but even though the replays clearly showed that it didn’t go in, I held my breath. You never can tell how they’re going to rule anymore. Someone on FSD (I can’t remember who) said, “That was a goal last week against Dallas.” And he was right.
  • Meech had a breakaway. There’s nothing else to say about that. I’m sure you can guess how it ended if you don’t already know.
  • The Kings’ first goal was ugly. Ericsson made a bad turnover, and then Howard tried to grab the rebound but missed. The rebound itself wasn’t bad, but he should’ve been able to cover it up. He just whiffed on it.
  • At one point during the broadcast, Mickey Redmond took it upon himself to announce that Lilja could be back as soon as next week. Everyone was astonished because nothing had been said about his progress recently. Ken Holland (and common sense) refuted that. Part of me wonders if Mick got a little telestrator happy and circled the wrong guy on the graphic FSD had up at the time.
  • Mick also jokingly suggested that players use blood capsules a la WWE to draw the extra minor on highsticking calls.
  • I really wanted to go down to this game, but I’m glad I didn’t make the trek. I would just be more angry.
GP Answers:
1. Can the Wings pull it off today? This game needs to be won, and it needs to be won in regulation. None of that OT/SO nonsense this time around. I don’t care about any of the trivial stuff I usually ask about in these GPs, as long as the Wings come away with two points, and LA gets none.
No. They had a chance to pass LA in the standings and continue working their way into a solid playoff spot, but they couldn’t be bothered to play more than one period of hockey. Again. Wasn’t this team supposed to be angry this season? Weren’t they supposed to have something to prove? I know they’re still missing important guys, but missing talented guys is not an excuse for lack of effort.

Cookies and Cupcakes for Valtteri Filppula
He showed some great hands and patience on his goal to open the scoring. It was a pretty good-looking goal.

An Extra Stick Tap for Brad Stuart
That puck he scooped out of the net was millimeters away from crossing the goal line. It turned out that it didn’t matter much, but it was huge at the time.

Jonathan Ericsson gets the Golden Facepalm
He made the turnover that led to the Kings’ first goal. It was a costly mistake, and he can’t be making turnovers like that in the defensive zone.

What I Learned:
The Wings haven’t really turned a corner after all.


  1. I am beginning to hate this team.

    Love individual players, but put them all together and it's an entirely different proposition. Bah.

  2. I was wondering about that empty section in the third. I couldn't remember if it had been empty the whole game or not, but it was definitely weird.

  3. Oh man I was really excited about Lilja coming back.

    But yeah Ken and Mickey should have said something about the rafters guy because when I saw a completely empty section in the 3rd I could not figure out what had happened. It seriously distracted me from the game every time the puck went down there. But maybe that was a good thing...

  4. I was watching the Kings feed and they showed the empty section, then the guy up in the rafters. They said "If he falls, that's too many men on the ice! Ha ha." Just lovely.

    I agree it's very strange that our guys didn't bring it up. There were security people keeping fans from going back down there, so you think they would have noticed that and mentioned it.

    I tried to find some video of it this morning but couldn't.

  5. I'm pretty sure Mickey was drunk and meant to say Kronwall, since he might actually be back next week.

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  7. I think the whole Lilja headache situation is a conspiracy. Posted about it this morning... and then Khan reported that he has gone 13 days with no headaches.