Monday, December 27, 2010

Caption Mondays Volume 10...

What are Pav and Rig chatting about here?


  1. (Based on a true baseball story)

    Pav: Hey Johnny, why you all leaned over?

    Rig: Well, I, uh, I kind of have...a boner.

    Pav: (looks quizzically at Rig) I not familiar with that term. It sounds fascinating. What does it mean?

    Rig: It means that...(makes sure that the woman in the front row isn't listening) It means that I have an erection.

    (Pav takes a look)

    Pav: (awkwardly) Well, you must, must really love the defense...

    -saraneuie's brother

  2. Based on a true baseball story? What? You're weird, kid.

  3. Rig: Hey Pav! There's something wrong with your pants!

    Pav: Huh? *looks down* I see nothing wrong.

    Rig: But your pants- they're gaping open. Your thigh shows when you stretch like that.

    Pav: Huh? They're what?

    Rig: You have a giant hole in your pants, Pav!

    Pav: *looks againa dn looks up at Rig more confused than before* Huh?

    Rig: Ugh, I'll just tell Hank...

  4. OR, make that one things say "looks again AND looks up at Rig more confused than before" - I'm having typing issues...