Friday, December 10, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up Volume Seven...

Caption Mondays: This week's winner is a very dear friend of mine, Nidhilicious.

But my lips hurt real bad!

Trivia Tuesdays: Clark and Andy sorted out the mess I made this week. I failed to specify whether or not to count overtime losses in my question (I wasn't intending to). Somewhere, my School of Ed professors are banging their heads against hard objects.

This week's question: Against which team do the Wings have the fewest regular season losses?

The Answer: The Wings have the fewest regular season losses against the Panthers. Florida has only beaten them twice in regulation. However, the Panthers have beaten the Wings twice in overtime. If you add the overtime losses to the regulation losses, they're in a tie with the Thrashers, who have beaten the Wings four times in regulation.

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