Monday, December 20, 2010

Caption Mondays Volume 9...

This one was taken during the third period of that awful 5-0 loss to the Kings.  What are the guys chatting about here?


  1. Ericsson: "So when Rafalski gives the game-tying turnover up to the other team I'm supposed to....?"
    McCrimmon: "You're supposed to lay the lumber to his face, Jonny."
    Ericsson: "To the guy with the puck on his stick's - "
    McCrimmon: "No, to Brian's overpaid face. Just slam a two hander to his grill and pop out his perfectly straight teeth."
    Ericsson: "All of them?"
    McCrimmon: "All of them."

  2. Ericsson: Did you really play with Nick, Pronger, MacInnis, Coffey, Bourque and Howe.

    McCrimmon: Yup and if you stick with me kid, the sky is the limit.

  3. Homer: For sure! I totally catch Nick belting out Dancing Queen when I was, eh, at his house last night! He was, eh, dancings too.

    Stuart: For real? Dude, that's worse than when Kronner stopped by while I was watching Finding Nemo... What? It's a good movie!

    Ericsson: You really think it will work?

    McCrimmon: I'm telling you, just be yourself and the other kids out there will love you. And bringing in homemade Swedish meatballs never hurt anybody...

    Rafalski: This score concerns me. Not as much as the humanitarian crisis in the Sudan, but still pretty troubling. *sigh* I wonder what my wife made for dinner?