Monday, December 20, 2010

Red Wings 3, Stars 4 (OT): Post Game Snipes...

Note: This has evidently been sitting as a draft since Sunday night. I figured I might as well post it instead of wasting the effort I put into it (not that I really worked that hard at it). I thought about deleting the bullet about how bad the Wings are at overtime, but I decided to let it stay.

  • I thought things were going well when Pav and Eaves got the Wings off to a fast start. Getting going on time is always an issue with these early games, but the Wings seemed to find their legs early on. Unfortunately, as the first period wore on, Dallas woke up and pushed the Wings back on their heels.
  • It's always nice to see the Wings get a Budd Lynch goal since they give up so many of them.
  • The “Ozzie! Ozzie!” chant from the fans at the end was a sure-fire jinx. The crowd did the same thing at the end of Game 5 of the '08 Finals. I'm glad I wasn't watching the game live, because I would've been cringing.
  • I hate overtime. Why are the Wings so bad at it? At least it didn't go to a shootout.
  • Ozzie deserved better from the team in front of him after they campaigned to get him the start at home for 400. I hope they give him a better shot next time he gets a start.
Hero: Patrick Eaves
He should be acknowledged for his two-game scoring streak. And his love of ping pong.

Villain: Loui Eriksson
Way to ruin Ozzie's fun.

Final Thought:
It would've been really nice for the old man to get 400 in front of the home crowd. Here's hoping he gets another chance.

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