Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How Did I Forget the Glory of '07?...

So Forbes decided to rank the top 10 hottest sports cities in the US. We placed at #6 on the list, behind Pittsburgh, Philly, New York, LA, and Boston. I can't say that I have a huge objection to the rankings, but the writeup did feature a cool new fact that I had been previously unaware of:
And in the we-need-this-for-civic-pride category is Detroit, which ranks sixth despite the 0-16 record of the 2008 Lions. The Tigers and Pistons have been solid over the past three years, but the bedrock of the local pro sports scene has been the Red Wings, which won the Stanley Cup in 2007 and have been a perennial playoff team--much to the chagrin of the world's octopi population.
Oh man, that '07 Cup was one for the ages. What a run. I remember the parade and the rally in Hart Plaza like it was just last year. Oh, what's that you say? It was? How about that. ('07 is listed in the slide show part too, so it's not just a typo.) And here I was thinking that reputable publications did things like check their facts. Seriously. All you'd have to do is check Wikipedia.

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  1. The best thing is that they actually say three paragraphs before that one that the Anaheim Ducks won the Cup in 2007. So they couldn't even proofread their article, let alone look up facts.