Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stranger Than Fiction...

So it’s early in the season and I know that things always look a little funny at the start, but this season has looked bizarre so far. A month ago would you have predicted that:
  • Kirk Maltby would be tied for second on the team with two goals? (Or that he’d have a 66.7% shooting percentage?)
  • Datsyuk would only have two points so far?
  • Maltby, Rafalski, and Lidstrom would be the only two Wings with positive +/- ratings?
  • We would be commenting on Todd Bertuzzi’s solid defensive plays?
  • Homer would have four goals already?
  • The Wings would be sitting in 11th place in the Conference?
  • The team would be running through line change drills in practice?
  • Ville Leino would beat out Bertuzzi for creepiest team photo?
  • Brad May would be in the lineup at all?
And the strangeness doesn’t stop in Hockeytown. Look around the league, and you’ll find that:
  • The Avalanche are leading the Western Conference.
  • Phoenix is 7th in the West. They even went four games while only allowing one goal against.
  • Toronto is still winless. Kidding. Nobody’s really that surprised.
  • A puck found its way into the net on this play. Oh, wait, that’s Huet in net, you say? Never mind. There’s nothing bizarre here.
  • All of America spent a couple of hours watching a balloon fly through the sky in what turned out to be the best hoax since Orson Welles panicked thousands of people over the radio. Hmmm? Where is Balloon Boy from? Just saying…
Anyone who claims to have predicted any of these things before the season started is just flat out a lying liar who lies. I have faith that these oddities will correct themselves over the course of the next 10 games or so, because they always do. But for now, all I can do is amuse myself by looking at the statistical bizarro world we’re living in right now. Sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction.

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