Sunday, October 25, 2009

Waste of a Saturday...

I don’t even know at this point. I missed the whole first period, and got home shortly after Draper scored the Wings’ only goal a few minutes into the second. When I first turned the TV on, they looked pretty good. Once again, I got my hopes up. Then, somewhere around the midway mark of the period I could see the Avs start to take over. I remarked to my friend who was watching the game with me that it was only a matter of time until they gave up a goal. All the signs were there. It’s pretty predictable at this point. I’m pretty sure this is about when I started muttering to myself about the game, It really wasn’t what I wanted to see after standing in the rain for four hours to watch UM play a joke of a game against Penn State. Anyway, I once again have to defer to George over at Snapshots who pretty much said it all in his post game “memo.”

Other notes:
  • Really, is there anyone out there who would care to explain to me how that puck Todd Bertuzzi put in the net didn’t count as a goal? The Wings need to get a restraining order against Brad Watson. How does that man still have a job? Seriously, it’s one thing to miss a hooking call that’s a subjective judgment or an errant high stick behind the play. It’s another thing to continuously blow calls that have enormous effects on the outcomes of games. You know, like whether or not the puck is in the net. Watson’s a joke, and so is the NHL for allowing him to continue his officiating trainwreck.
  • That being said, it was refreshing to see Bertuzzi actually put the puck on the net for his non-goal attempt. At some point, those shots he keeps ringing off of the posts have to start going in, right?
  • I don’t even want to talk about the powerplay last night. Previously blown calls or not, the Wings had every opportunity in the world to tie things up and take a lead near the end of the first period. There’s no excuse for this team to not net at least one powerplay goal with the number of chances they had last night.
  • One final bone to pick with the NHL: Whose idea was it to not have any early games on this “Super Saturday” thing they had going? If the idea was to market it as a big event, why wait until 7 PM Eastern to start the first games? If anyone knew what they were doing, the first games on the east coast would’ve started at 1 or so, with pucks dropping regularly from then until the last games started at 10:30 Eastern on the west coast.

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