Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wings vs. Flames GP...

Wings @ Flames 10 PM

1. Interesting choice by Mike Babcock to sit Ville Leino out tonight. He got off to a good start but he hasn’t done a whole lot ever since.
2. Draper, Eaves, and Helm were skating together in practice yesterday. That line has the potential to be absolutely out of control on the forecheck. Eaves needs to play another game like he did Thursday night. So does Helm.
3. The boys finally got their offense rolling this week. They need to figure out a way to take care of the defensive side of things. If they can work through those problems, they should survive.
4. I don’t know why I’m making these notes because I won’t be watching the game tonight (no live Twittering either). I’m not presumptuous enough to think that anyone actually reads the drivel I write here, so this forces me to question my priorities in life. I should really get back to my Halloween cookie making.
5. How will the Eurotwins perform apart from each other? The top line was really starting to roll, and we can only hope that that carries over to their separate lines.
6. If I promise to never ever make another hair joke, will that magically heal Filppula’s wrist? Please?


  1. You're right, no one reads your drivel. I'm kidding.....unless it scores me some Halloween cookies.

  2. I always read it, you're one of my favorite Wings bloggers, so glad those cookies took a backseat.

  3. I read every single one, too. Wouldn't miss it. Except for cookies. In related news, send cookies.

  4. I read you every time you post. LOL

    I'm most excited by Kronwall vs. Kronwall tonight.

  5. I read everyday, don't live in Michigan any longer so your posts kind of bring a little bit of the "old" home to the "new home", Thanks, and I could use a cookie or three

  6. Do your loyal readers get cookies?

    I'm always up for some homemade cookies.