Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And so the Saga of Jiri Hudler Comes to an End. I Hope...

Hey sunshines, get out your party hats and noise-makers. The IIHF finally got around to approving Jiri Hudler’s transfer card. With any luck, we’ll finally be able to move beyond this little saga once and for all. The IIHF cited some legal technicalities for their decision, but mostly it reads as kind of a cop-out way to rationalize a decision that we all knew was coming. Apparently, since Hudler’s agent, not Hudler himself signed the arbitration filing notice and as such, it could not be proved that Hudler actually wanted to go to arbitration. As if we’re supposed to believe that his agent just went rogue and filed all of his own accord. It also states that USA Hockey can still appeal the decision within seven days, but since they didn't file their brief by the original deadline, I'm thinking that they really don't care that much. This show’s over, kids, and I’d be perfectly happy to not devote any more time to discussing it.

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