Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday Night Notes...

I missed the game tonight. Which is ironic, because it was the first one I've had access to on a normal television. If you're looking for a recap or analysis, head over to one of the other blogs on the side. I've decided to write off the entire pre-season and live in the world I've created that has ample explanations for their generally lackluster play.

In other random notes for the day, Mike Babcock delivered one of my favorite roadtrip quotes ever when he was discussing the potential effects of jet lag from the Sweden trip. (This is even more random, but through all of my world travels that have spanned four continents, I've yet to experience any jet lag. So I refuse to put a whole lot of stock into it, and I generally just tell travel buddies to man up. Am I a jerk/freak of nature?) Anyway:
"We have a lot of road trips to the West Coast in this conference and those are five-hour flights. This is just a couple of hours more. In the East, some teams can do road trips on a bicycle, but we're used to long ones."
I especially liked it because it gave me a fun mental picture of a convoy of Rangers on bikes completely bogged down by their enormous hockey bags pedaling down the side of the road. Sean Avery had a little bell on his handlebars. Also, beads on his spokes. I need to find better things to do with my time.

One final note for the night: (Via Snapshots), SI's Allan Muir played rebel and refused to predict the downfall of the Wings. Why, you ask?
"I've learned my lesson: until further notice, it defies logic to underestimate the Red Wings."
Which is kind of what I've spent the better part of every summer for the last dozen years or so saying.


  1. The Rangers on bicycles imagery?

    This is one reason I love reading your blog. You can seriously make me laugh. Keep it up!

  2. I agree! What a great mental image!