Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Datsyuk on Cozy Chelios, His NHL Career, the Olympics, and Detroit's Economy...

I came across this Russian interview with Pavel Datsyuk somehow, but I honestly can't remember where I found the link. I even flipped through Google Reader again to try to figure it out, but then I realized that my time could be spent doing much more valuable things. (Update 9/9/09 9:06 PM: Thanks to commenter rednuck, for pointing out that I got the link from the Hockeytown Blog.) Anyway, the automatic translation is a little bit shaky, but there's some interesting stuff in there. Highlights:
-Sooner or later career in the NHL is over, go back to Russia? Moreover, the track has already trampled - in this year's Fedorov, Zubov, Kozlov, before - Radulov, Yashin, Jagr. It was playing back home?

-In Russia, I'll be back, but the game... It is hard to guess, career - something unpredictable. We plan, but something does not work. While there is interesting, the strongest league there, where I evolve, so I'm happy to play in the NHL. But I still did not finish the thought. I would like to finish his career in Russia, but how it happened, do not know. For me it would be fine as long as possible to play "Detroit", thank heartily, and then travel to Kazan, a year there and then - in Ekaterinburg. Make a circle forward and finish in the reverse direction. But as happens - will decide "on top".
I have no idea what the last sentence is supposed to mean, but I'm glad that he intends to stay in "Detroit" as long as possible.
-So maybe if you are currently out of Russia received an advantageous offer, it is worth it to consider?

-Well, do something it can and will do, but I would prefer to play where the best league, and more opportunities, where you can progress.
You tell 'em, Pav.
-Paul, you've already 31. How much time in the big hockey still move your own?

-This is actually a complex question. I would like, for example, as Chelios - he's 47, but he still plays. This year, it is true, not signed, but looking at him, you understand that there is no limit to perfection. This man truly legendary, cozy, with its interesting history. On the other hand, want to try their hand at more than anything. Play up to 40 years, to realize all their dreams and possibilities. Then a little more time to play in Russia, to pay tribute to Russia's fans. 40 - the same kind abroad, after which everything must change.
Cozy? Chris Chelios? I don't even know. I'm going to write that off as one of the delights of Google translator. I'll gladly take Datsyuk until he's 40, though. And beyond if he wants to stay.
-Meanwhile, the leadership of the NHL has plans to ban professionals to participate in the Olympics. How do you think, whether such plans realized? And in fact: whether impede Games hockey players and team owners. For the first season after becoming saturated, and the latter lose money for two weeks of downtime league.

-Can still. I think that the Olympics really interfere: and for us, and for the masters team is tough. But probably all be happy to go to the Games. I think that is the most important and serious tournament for hockey players. But it's hard, takes a lot of health and nerves. In Canada, of course, did not abolish, but in Russia, in the sense - in Sochi, I do not know how they will do it. I'd love to go, the desire to eat, but everything will depend on my professional capacity and demand. We have young people coming.
He has an interesting take on the Olympics. By "masters team," I'm assuming he means the NHL clubs, but I could be wrong. I'm also assuming that "desire to eat" is some kind of idiom that got lost in translation. My final assumption is that my commentary is utterly pointless, but I'll probably keep typing anyway.
-But this one time we Favorites Olympics? We have two consecutive wins at the world championships, this was not long ago. And Canadians do well in the finals twice been beaten once - on their ice. However, without your participation ...

-That's it, that without my participation and won. But I, of course, closely followed the Championships, very happy for our guys and for the fans who helped. Favorites - it says loudly. Favorites much, but the tournament is very short. Here, everything will be solved in a finite interval.
Was the first line of this a Pavel Datsyuk quip? We'll never know, but I'll give Dangle Dangle the benefit of the doubt.

There's also a lengthy exchange about the economy in general, and its effects on hockey attendance in Detroit in particular. A couple of exchanges:
-And in hockey how?

-Previously, it was impossible to get to the match, and now even points are free, somewhere you can even buy season tickets. But we are fans, they love hockey and go to games, thanks to them for that, it is nice to play for them.
Seeing The Joe partially empty hasn't been fun, but I'd be lying if I said that I didn't love the cheap ticket deals they've been running in order to get bodies into seats.
-What general impact on the U.S. crisis? The surface like nothing has changed: airplanes and airports are overcrowded as usual, in cafes and shops, the customer enough. But you then live there permanently and the situation inside know better.

-I have already said that the fans are going to fewer matches. Even now, a lot of houses put up for sale. Just call in the street and see a number with so many houses to sell ads. Every day, these houses are, nobody buys. The same can be said about the office - much to rent or even sell. People become less cars less. This is probably due to the fact that people are leaving from Detroit where they can find work. From relatives and friends began to hear a lot about the complexities of the work. Even in the cafes and restaurants occupancy is not the same. Previously had to make reservations, and now more or less calmly, we can hope for is something that just come and be a free table.
I'm probably going to be one of those people leaving Detroit to find work in the next year or so, and that depresses me more than I ever thought it would back in high school. I don't care how many times Detroit's used as a punchline, there's nothing like taking a walk through downtown Ann Arbor yesterday and seeing a dozen Wings T-shirts. On Labor Day. Nowhere else in the US can hold a candle to Hockeytown.


  1. There was a link to the Russian interview on the Hockeytown blog.

  2. Yup, that's where I got it from. Thanks, I like to give credit where it's due.