Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wings Blogger Roundtable Day 3: Fatigue...

I don’t know about you, but I was exhausted at the end of the playoffs this year. Since all I did was occasionally jump up and down on the couch and yell at the TV, I can only imagine how the actual players felt after their second consecutive run to the Finals. In light of that, head on over to The Triple Deke which is hosting Day 3 of the Roundtable for some enlightening discussion about the potential fatigue factor for the Wings this season. In case you missed them, Day 1 of our epic series can be found over at Winging it in Motown, and Day 2 was hosted over at Snapshots. Enjoy, and be sure to tune in tomorrow at Bingo Bango for Day 4.

Coincidentally, the Detroit News had an article discussing the same topic today.

PS. Happy One Month Until the Regular Season Starts Day! It's getting closer...

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