Thursday, March 25, 2010

Red Wings 4, Blues 2: Post Game Snipes...

  • I only got to see the third period last night thanks to work, driving home, my dog pouncing on me when I got home, and the need to hand out souvenirs from vacation to my family. As such, this is going to be the lamest recap ever.
  • I was driving down 696 when the Wings scored both of their second period goals. I really shouldn’t be allowed to be behind the wheel of a vehicle while there’s a hockey game on the radio. It’s kind of a safety hazard. They should install some kind of ignition lock that scans the airwaves for hockey broadcasts similar to the breathalyzers they have for drunk drivers.
  • Also, remember when 760 used to broadcast the games? We once picked up a faint broadcast from them all the way in Disney World. That’s about 1200 miles away from my front door. I can’t even get 1270 to come in while driving through the Detroit suburbs. Lame. Even more lame? The fact that I forgot to check 97.1 to see if they had the game until I was half of a mile away from home.
  • When the Wings scored to break the tie in the third period, I yelled so loud that my little brother cam flying out of his room and down the hall to see what was going on. I’m always cool, calm, and collected. This is a lie
  • I’m told that Ken Daniels came within inches of giving a shout out to SSDD on a failed Datsyuk attempt in the third. Unfortunately, I was stuck watching upstairs sans DVR for reasons that have yet to be explained to me (This is probably for the best because I have a sneaky suspicion that it was because of American Idol.) and had been distracted by something else at that moment. It’s amazing how quickly I’ve become addicted to being able to rewind my live TV. I was way more annoyed by the fact that I was just watching a regular old cable hookup and couldn’t do that than anyone really should be.
  • See how I spent all this time writing about myself since I really didn’t see much of the game? I learned how to fill space with the best of ‘em in AP English (ahem, Pinky).
GP Answers:
1. So who is Jimmy Howard going to beat up tonight?
No one that I’m aware of. And I think that’s the kind of information that would’ve found its way to Twitter.

2. I’ve been hearing that Dan Cleary is supposed to return to the lineup tonight. How much of a difference will having an actual forward playing forward make? Dressing eight defensemen is a little silly.
Ummmmm…it turns out that half-watching the third period isn’t a good way to get material to write a recap. Who knew?

3. We’re down to ten games left in the season, and the Wings are still barely clinging to a playoff spot (this, of course, didn’t deter them from offering playoff tickets for sale, an announcement that made me cringe because I believe in jinxing such things). They have a tendency to fall asleep against teams below them in the standings (See: Edmonton), but they can’t afford to do that tonight. Will they bother to show up to play?
They looked pretty good from what I saw in the third, but my twitter feed has told me that the first period wasn’t pretty. They managed to pull off a win though, and at this point I don’t even care how they look doing it.

4. The last two games have just been loaded with Eurotwin magic. What are they going to do to amaze us against St. Louis?
The dangling and the sniping have been in full force from the boys lately. Zetterberg in particular continued on his roll. This has to strike fear in the teams that the Wings are chasing in the standings. That can’t be a good feeling.

Cookies and Cupcakes for Valtteri Filppula
If only he’d listened to our pleading to shoot the puck sooner.

Jimmy Howard gets the Golden Facepalm
The Blues’ second goal had weak sauce written all over it.

What I Learned:
Listening to hockey on the radio is a miserable experience in every sense of the word.

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  1. funny on the radio thing...I used to catch the games on 760 up in the UP at night. Now I can't get anything up there.