Monday, March 22, 2010

Red Wings vs. Penguins GP...

I didn’t get to watch either of the last two games, as I’m still in New Orleans. My airport shuttle was kind enough to pick me up from my hotel 4 hours before my flight leaves. I was, of course, the first one on the bus. It turns out that the only food place that opens before 10:30 on this side of airport security only serves watery scrambled eggs, and I haven’t eaten since, oddly enough, the hotel didn’t have its breakfast set up yet when I left at 6:45 am. This is just uncivilized. There’s also a dog somewhere nearby that keeps barking. If that thing gets on my flight, I’m walking home to Detroit. I’m eagerly anticipating getting home to my DVR though. I tried playing the clips of the goals, but this internet doesn’t seem to be able to stream video. It’s free though, so I really can’t complain (about that…the lack of nourishment is fair game).

1. How close to the final horn are the Wings going to wait to score a goal this time around?
2. Will any Wings fans even make it to the opening faceoff before wanting to toss their TVs out of the window due to all of Versus’ inevitable Penguin-fawning? This would be an interesting thing for me to try since I live in the basement and I’d actually have to heave the TV up and out of the egress ditch.
3. What great new word or phrase are the Versus announcers going to delight us with tonight? In the past, we’ve been treated to ‘mastodonic,’ and more recently ‘Danglelicious.” I’m eagerly awaiting more of their oratorical brilliance.
4. Who is Matt Cooke going to try to kill tonight?

It’s been an entire week since I saw a lick of hockey. This had better be good. Geaux Wings!


  1. Wow, Kris! I honestly don't know how you've made it a whole week without watching hockey, especially after those last buzzer beaters. I had to be up at 5am the next morning after both games, but I just couldn't turn myself away from the TV... especially after the Wings took me from early despair in both games to eagerly hoping/wishing they'd tie it up/win it. I'm going to the game tonight, so I'm very thankful I won't have to be subject to the Penguins-fawning over at VS. Or at least them talking about what a force Cindy's been lately. Maybe the Wings with the whole buzzer-beater/coming from behind story will earn them some praise? Oh hell, who am I kidding... The only way it's coming is thru D-Mac, who in my opinion, is the only one there who has the first clue about anything hockey-related. I personally don't know how he doesn't beat the crap out of each of those guys every night. And hint hint, Big Rig, if you're playing tonight, this is a great chance for you to play physical, defend your teammates from Matt Cooke, and maybe find your "play-off" gear?

    Glad you had fun in New Orleans, btw. I've been to most states in the US, but never there. Hope you get some real food soon!

  2. My hopes for this game:

    - Bert kills Cooke before he can elbow a wing in the head. (I'd say Big Rig, but I think he would try to be too fair in a fight with Cooke, where Bert could rip his head off if he was in the mood)

    If that happens, I don't care if they lose to the pens.

    As a bonus you always like to see:

    - Rosby gets Kronwalled.