Friday, March 5, 2010

Red Wings vs. Predators GP...

1. The Wings are currently hanging onto the 8th spot in the West thanks to the teams they needed to lose actually losing for once (Is that a sign of things finally turning their way? I’m guessing no, but it’s nice to fantasize about things like that every once in a while.). Nashville’s managed to open up a 5-point gap ahead of them, and St. Louis and Calgary are tied one point behind the Wings. Only four points separate 8-13 in the West. This is scary stuff. What are the odds that the Wings ease some of our fears in this important game against Nashville? (Yes, I’m still getting used to the fact that we’re now forced to consider regular season games against Nashville “important.”)
2. How will Jimmy Howard rebound from his less-than-stellar outing on Wednesday? The Wings need him to be strong down the stretch.
3. What percentage of the game are the Wings going to show up to play? We should start a pre-game betting pool to guess numbers.
4. Can Franzen keep up his red hot scoring streak? Can a scoring streak be considered red hot after less than a handful of games? I vote yes in the context of this season.

I won’t be watching this one live, but through the magic of DVR I’ll be able to catch it later in the evening. Unless, of course, I get word of another atrocious performance. In that case, I’m probably not going to subject myself to that kind of torture.


  1. hopefully they can play at least 90% of the game, seeing as they should be motivated from the embarrassing Vancouver loss...

    I see Jimmy playing well tonight, letting up 2-3 goals, and the Wings scoring 5.

    Franzen will score at least a point/game for the rest of the season, he's just that awesome


  2. wow, what a good prediction I had! haha... glad to see the boys clicking so well! need to do it for 80+% of the remaining games!