Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Red Wings vs. Blues GP...

1. Now that he's a local hero, who is Jimmy Howard going to beat up tonight?
2. I’ve been hearing that Dan Cleary is supposed to return to the lineup tonight. How much of a difference will having an actual forward playing forward make? Dressing eight defensemen is a little silly.
3. We’re down to ten games left in the season, and the Wings are still barely clinging to a playoff spot (this, of course, didn’t deter them from offering playoff tickets for sale, an announcement that made me cringe because I believe in jinxing such things). They have a tendency to fall asleep against teams below them in the standings (See: Edmonton), but they can’t afford to do that tonight. Will they bother to show up to play?
4. The last two games have just been loaded with Eurotwin magic. What are they going to do to amaze us against St. Louis?

I’ll be joining this one in progress, hopefully sometime early in the second period. Word on the street is that some early H2H revelers will be visiting the Joe tonight. This is a good way to ease the arena’s staff into the chaos that will occur on Friday. If they don’t pull this one off, I suspect that there will be 672% more alcohol consumed at the pre-game party on Friday. That’s just a rough estimate.

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