Sunday, October 24, 2010

Red Wings 5, Ducks 4: Post Game Snipes...

  • I missed most of the game thanks to the fact that we have Dish Network at work and, well, you all know about how they hate hockey and also probably puppies. Then, thanks to some siblings who have a special talent for DVRing endless hours of useless programming and not deleting it, I sat down to watch what I'd missed only to discover that we ran out of space after the first period. So yeah, we've got 18 hours of Hannah Montana and Suite Life and soccer games that nobody cares about, but not the Wings game. At least I managed to catch the second half of the game on the FSD replay.
  • I was driving home from work when Zetterberg scored to tie up the game in the third period. I went from perfectly safe driver to road hazard in a fraction of a second. I still think there should be some kind of ignition lock on my car that prevents it from being started while the Wings are on the radio.
  • My dog experienced her first run-and-hide-because-Kris-is-scary moment of the young season when Pav scored the game-winner. She's half Canadian, so I really think she should've been more appreciative of my jubilation.
  • Speaking of Pav's goal, that deke was just nasty. Has there ever been a game in which he didn't do at least one thing that was absurdly amazing?
Hat Trick:
1. Round two with Anaheim. I'm guessing we don't see anything quite as dramatic as Datsyuk's Gordie Howe hat trick from opening night, but games against the Ducks always get me riled up.
Pav didn't throw any punches tonight, but I think he got his point across. As usual, he got the last laugh.

2. Old friend Andreas Lilja makes his return to the Joe tonight.
Anyone notice who was victimized by Datsyuk's nasty deke on the game winner? None other than dear old Lilja.

3. TAWD sat out practice yesterday. Is he going to be able to play tonight or will he be hunting for kittens under the bleachers during the game? Or both?
He played (and presumably went kitten hunting as well) and picked up an assist, but that didn't stop Henrik Zetterberg from passing him for the team scoring lead.

Hero: The Eurotwins
This was one of those nights that causes me to assume that their pregame routine involves them wearing rings and combining forces a la Captain Planet. “Dangle!” “Conn Smythe!” “Snot Rocket!” “BEARD!” And light shoots into the middle from their rings and by their powers combined, they become the Eurotwins. Someone needs to get a hidden camera into the locker room to confirm this.

Villain: Teemu Selanne
Selanne found himself Kronwalled during the game and instead of taking it like a man, he went and whined to the media about the fact that there was no call on the play as well as the vast penalty disparity that he imagines goes in favor of the Wings. It would seem that every time the Ducks play the Wings, the Wings get all of the powerplays. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that his teammates are a bunch of goons and thugs. Cowboy up, little boy.

Final Thought:
Imagine if the Eurotwins keep going like this all season. Just take a moment and think about that. You're smiling, aren't you?

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  1. I am smiling indeed. I want to see Z and Dats break 100 this season.