Saturday, October 9, 2010

Red Wings vs. Blackhawks GP...

Red Wings: 1-0-0
Blackhawks: 0-0-1

Three Things:

1. Last night set a tone. Let's see if the Wings can follow through with it.
2. Ozzie's getting the start. This should be interesting.
3. Please, pretty please ruin the Blackhawks' banner night.

Players to Watch:

Henrik Zetterberg

0-1-1, +/- 2, 2 PIM

Zetterberg will be leading the first line with renowned pugilist and fellow Eurotwin Pavel Datsyuk. I've been predicting a good season out of both of them, so here's hoping Z is still feeling feisty from last night.

Niklas Hjalmarsson

0-0-0, +/- -3, 0 PIM

I kind of find myself liking Hjalmarsson because of the fact that the offer sheet he signed with San Jose this summer caused the Hawks even more cap problems than they had before. It's possible that this makes him my favorite Blackhawk.


  1. Also a bonus for Hjalmarsson-- his name is fun to say. Hjalmarsson. HJALmarsssssson. This is a major point in his favor, IMO. I drafted him as my bench D in my fantasy league based partly on this strength.

  2. i can haz giant winged wheel shit on their special night?