Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Red Wings Hospitality Commercial...

If you haven't seen this commercial that was posted on the Wings' facebook page, you're missing out big time.  It involves Johan Franzen spraying his pits with Febreeze, Pavel Datsyuk setting up mood lighting in the visiting locker room, and Chris Osgood vacuuming in full goalie gear.  And there's more.  Seriously, this killed me.  Killed. Me.

Go watch it here.  It will make your life.


  1. Best bestness ever!!! THANK YOU for posting this link. You were absolutely right. My life is now complete.

  2. That was hilarious! I can't stop watching it.

  3. That made the fact that I'm at work okay. Thank you Red Wings marketing... thank you so much.

    Ps: Ozzy getting comfortable in his new facilities job at the joe?